Value of New Tech in Workers’ Compensation Systems – A Success Kit

Modernize Your Workers’ Compensation Systems

Many public sector agencies are turning to Salesforce to modernize legacy systems and create a secure, fast-as-business tech stack in the cloud.

Outdated technology is limiting state workers’ compensation agencies from operating at optimal capacity. In fact, in agencies across the country, more than 40% of claim process time is spent on non-core, routine administrative items that could easily be automated. In a recent survey of public sector organizations, 27% of respondents agreed that workflow efficiency is the biggest challenge they’re facing today.

Our work with workers’ compensation agencies has given us insight into their unique challenges. We’ve created this free success kit exclusively for workers’ compensation agencies to share what we’ve learned and prepare you for a digital transformation that answers all of your operational challenges.

What you’ll learn:

The biggest challenges hindering the efficiency of workers’ comp boards nationwide.

How to audit and prepare your agency for the buying process.

Key considerations for understanding current systems and determining critical business needs.

How to identify key stakeholders and external partners for a streamlined rollout and change management.

Use modern strategies to improve your operational challenges today and create a customizable, scalable foundation for future growth.

Improve service offerings for both internal and external users with fully integrated, on-demand technologies. Navigate the complexities and challenges of your current system with quick tips from our guide for future-proofing your organization.

Meet the team behind the guide:

We’re MST Solutions, a global Salesforce implementation partner. We build ecosystem architectures that put people at the center of it all –– and ultimately make you the hero of your organization. 

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