Is Salesforce Health Cloud Right For You? 

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We get a lot of questions from organizations already using Salesforce on whether Service Cloud can be utilized in similar ways to Health Cloud. The answer is both yes and no. Health Cloud in many ways expands the functionality of Service Cloud with care team networking, case management, and collaboration tools custom designed for both payer and provider organizations.

Add to that the challenges of introducing new technology into your existing system, and you have a very complex project that requires extensive planning. We understand. We’ve put together a free Success Kit to first help you understand the differences between Salesforce Health Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud, and second, to provide step by step guidance on:  

In This Kit

Key features of Salesforce Health Cloud  

The differences between Health Cloud and Service Cloud 

Key metrics to determine if Health Cloud is the right resource for you 

A preparedness checklist for any digital transformation project  

Just as no single system will provide an all-encompassing solution for the complex challenges within healthcare, Health Cloud is no different. Our success kit will give you a deeper understanding of how Health Cloud can fit into your organization and if it’s the right solution.

You’ll also receive actionable checklists to help you determine critical business needs, pinpoint technologies that are the best fit for your organization, and successfully vet third party consultants.

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  • How to audit and prepare your organization for the buying and implementation process.  
  • Key considerations for understanding current systems and determining critical business needs. 
  • How to identify key stakeholders and external partners for a streamlined rollout and change management.  
  • Measurable factors for ensuring your external implementation partner has a proven track record and aligns with your core values.

In our three-part, FREE success kit, you’ll learn: 

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With this kit you can approach digital transformation from a standpoint of knowledge and confidence in your early planning.  

The key to getting the most out of your technology investment is to take an architectural approach to the discovery, design, and development process that ensures that your critical business needs are met. Technology should work for you, not the other way around. We can help. 

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